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Up Front is a card driven wargame, representing man-to-man infantry combat. It is a far simpler adaptation of Avalon Hill’s “Squad Leader” principles designed to a card game format. Yet, in many ways is more realistic than its predecessor in that its inherent mechanics simulate the fear and confusion of the battlefield and the inability of leadership to assert itself far better than any tactical game yet published.

Each player directs a squad of men in various scenarios with cards driving the action.

There is no playing board; it has been replaced by Terrain cards which become the "hexagons" of the game as players maneuver their forces via Action Cards over constantly changing terrain. The scale of the game is measured in terms of relative ranges between opposing forces, with most combat occurring within a scale distance of 500 meters during the course of player turns measured in varying seconds of actual time.


Up Front is an award winning game that was originally published in 1983 by Avalon Hill Games.

The original game included three nationalities to play with, the German, the American and the Russian. There have been two official expansions to the game, BANZAI (introducing the British and Japanese) and DESERT WAR (introducing the French and Italians).


This website has been created for those who want to learn how to play and as a reference guide for more experienced players.

“Only once in a great while does a game dare to be truly different and abandon old concepts while striking out to chart virgin territory in game design. Rarer still are the instances in which these games succeed in presenting a simulation of unparalleled realism in an easily comprehended and playable format. In "Up Front" we have such a game…” (

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