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If you want to randomly choose a match up, then you can use the table below. This is the table used in the Internet Up Front League. Role a six-sided dice twice (or a third time if needed) and consult the results below.


Step 1: Determine Nationalities (three 6-sided dice)

Random Selection Table.JPG

Step 2: Determine Scenario

Randomly determine scenario from those available to both nationalities.

Step 3: Night Rules?

1 in 10 chance of night rules in any scenario.

Step 4: Desert Rules

1 in 6 chance of desert rules unless either player is Russian or Japanese.

Percentages of scenarios that will involve each nationality:

German: 39%

Japanese: 30%

Italian: 22%

American: 36%

British: 25%

Russian: 25%

French: 22%

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