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Players that play "do your own" (DYO) can use the attached excel spreadsheets for their points calculation. Below are some notes from Jeff Matthews creator of these spreadsheets.

"The following set of download files are Excel spreadsheets and should be usable on any system which can run Excel. The default font used when creating the files was 10 point Times New Roman.  The instructions for using the files are included in each (see text in the first few rows of column F). The purpose of the files is to simplify the tedious task of calculating the point totals of DYO squads.  Just indicate the total number of DYO points allowed to construct the squad, the troop type, and which PCs are available in each deck; then the spreadsheet will recalculate the DYO total.  PCs which are not allowed for the selected troop type are flagged.  There is also an optional "date availability" check which can be ignored if not desired (out of time frame PCs are flagged). The data found in the "info" column (column N) should be the same as found in the PBW armory.  I recommend "splitting" the view horizontally with the lower section starting at the row which contains the summary count of PCs per each deck, and scrolling the upper section to mark the PCs selected.  One known bug occurs when a row has an entry in more than one deck (example: a secondary weapon type selected at start and later in a reinforcing group), and yields an incorrect total. To solve this problem, duplicate the original row and make a separate entry for each deck (it should be rare). The DYO point cost for multiple (Dual 48.3) snipers reflects the cost proposed by Courtney Allen in the Gen 32.2 article "UpFront Tournament Rules".  This is NOT the same as double (insurance 43.6) snipers".








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